About Us

The name Mansiri comes from a mountain range in Nepal and translates from the Sanskrit meaning ‘mountain of the soul’. This name encapsulates our interest in bringing beautiful and unique clothes and accessories that speak to the heart to worldly people with nomadic spirits. We want to share pieces with a story, something a bit different yet stylish, with a hint of global edge. 

We strive to provide ‘slow fashion’ alternatives for socially-conscious people. All our products are made by artisans either working for themselves or small businesses (maximum 15 people), helping to provide fair wages for workers and stimulate the economy.  We work in collaboration with these artisans and businesses to design and source products that we hope you love.

As we grow, we hope also to grow opportunities for those we work with so that our products not only provide exciting style option for our customers but also have a positive impact in lives of individuals, families, and communities in Nepal. 

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We hope you enjoy your adventure with us!


We also want to send kudos to our amazing models for kids wear. If you want to see more of them or more of the property where the majority of our photos were taken, please check them out on Instagram: